When i open any folder, window of Nautilus appears, and i can't use keybord keys (i've tried TAB,F2,F3,F9,CTRL+L,ARROWS,DEL), except ALT+F4.

And in gnome-terminal i can't type at all. I tried to open it using: CTRL+ALT+T and ALT+F2 gnome-terminal, terminal opens but keybord in terminal doesn't work, even CTRL+D, ALT+F4 works.

  • Did the keyboard work in the login screen? Can you try using the terminal outside the GUI - Ctrl-Alt-F1 will take you there and Ctrl-Alt-F7 will take you back to the graphical environment. – Hamish Downer Oct 16 '11 at 13:59
  • In login screen keybord works, it works in firefox, works when i press Super key (to show main menu), works when ALT+F2, it works in other terminals(CTRL+ALT+1). But it doesn't work when i click on desktop icon and try to use ARROWS or DEL or F2 – Mikl Oct 16 '11 at 14:06

The problem solved. GXNeur was the problem maker. I removed it from autostart, and after ubuntu restarting keybord works fine.

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