I love the "sticky notes"- program xpad. Would it be possible to use the command ln -s to link it's config folder to a shared folder on a NAS drive, to have the xpad-sessions synced on all my local computers, and if so, what happens when I'am not connected to the LAN and add a note; will the symbolic link break and never get re-linked?

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When a program tries to access a symbolic link the kernel silently translates it so the program is actually accessing the target. You could indeed make your ~/.xpadconf (for example; I don't know where its actual config file is) a symbolic link to a config file on a NAS. Example:

ln -s /mnt/NAS/.xpadconf ~/.xpadconf

Note that ln can only link to somewhere on your filesystem, so you would first have to mount the NAS to your local filesystem (e.g. smbfs, sshfs, nfs). Then you can link to it. If xpad stores notes in a different file from config settings you'll have to mount+link that as well (again, I'm not familiar with the program).

If the NAS is not mounted, I expect xpad will throw an error because it cannot read the file. If you unmount the NAS while xpad is open then try to save a note, you will either get an error because it cannot write to the file, or xpad will hang due to the broken network mount and you'll have to kill it.

As long as you only open xpad and save notes while the NAS is mounted, it should work as you want. I expect you won't have any issues with just viewing notes even if you unmount the NAS with xpad open.

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