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How do I make my windows “wavy”?

I had Ubuntu before and there was an awesome option that allowed me to get a window "jelly" effect, however after reinstalling Ubuntu 6 months later I find that the system settings is less comprehensive and lacks my favorite "jelly" option. Any way to get it back?


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You’ll want to enable “Wobbly windows” plugin in the CompizConfig Settings Manager. If you don’t have it installed, run sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager or search for it in the Software Center.


If you want to enable wobbly windows but don't want to take the risks involved with using CCSM, you can also set this option using Ubuntu Tweak, under Tweaks > Compiz Settings > Desktop Effects:

Location of wobbly windows setting in Ubuntu Tweak

See How do I install Ubuntu-Tweak? for installation instructions.

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    Just to note - the only reason to state U-T is 'safer' then ccsm is it limits access to plugins. Otherwise it's no different - the desktop may flash/refresh after enabling a plugin. Additionally, given the default of 2X2 Ws's, U-T's "Enable workspace switching.." is done incorrectly & of little value. *if a user had previously set Desktop based viewport switching using the more useful 'prev/next' then U-T will actually go ahead set create a conflict without warning or option. (The bulk of the issues in 11.04/11.10 where the result of poor Ubuntu dev decisions, not ccsm itself
    – doug
    Jan 29, 2012 at 20:14

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