I'm using Pycharm to develop projects both in French and English, my whole system is en_US.UTF-8-based so does my Pycharm.

After skimming the Pycharm doc on spell-checking I added the hunspell dictionaries directory to Pycharm and keep only:



This has no effect on the spell-checker.

Does Pycharm and other Jetbrains products support the hunspell .dic format?


I'm an engineer responsible for spellchecking subsystem in JetBrains products now.

Hunspell plugin was recently added to plugins repo to support this kind of dictionaries, so you may install it and you will be able to add hunspell dictionaries to PyCharm and other JetBrains products.

The details can be found at: https://blog.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/2018/01/hunspell-dictionaries-support/


Reading more thoroughly the doc I catch this sentence:

The words in such dictionaries are delimited with the newline.

However, the hunspell file look like:

affluent/2      1
affluente/5     4
affluer/43      17
afflux/6        7
affolante/5     4
affolement/2    1
affoler/12      13
affolir 216
affolée/5       6

Also there is no plural-forms in this files so nombreuse will be identified, but not nombreuses

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