I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Firefox 39.0 installed on it.

Recently my Firefox is infected with an Ad-Ware with "Shopping Assistant" title on it from aliexpress.com website. When I open a shopping website, an unwanted pop-up (internal pop-up not an external frame) opens inside the site.

enter image description here

I tried many things to remove it but I'm not succeeded. I tried these steps:

  • Opt-Out from the ads using the settings of Ad-Ware
  • Disable Ad-Ons one by one and restart Firefox (none of them was infected)
  • Reset Firefox to factory settings and install Add-Ons from the beginning
  • Installing Add Block Plus ad blocker

How can I remove this Ad-Ware from my Firefox?


Problems of this kind are best met with harsh methods.

  1. Close firefox completely, check this with

    pgrep firefox
  2. Delete your personal firefox folder.

    (pgrep firefox && rm -r ~/mozilla/firefox) || echo "Firefox still running"

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