I want to install this Java Editor in Ubuntu 14.04.

I have already install Wine1.7 and Java 8. :)

How can I do this?

(Sorry, I am a Ubuntu-beginner)

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  1. Download a JDK - Java Development Kit from Oracle for Windows. Choose 32bit or 64bit like the same as you use in wine. Please use version 7 of this JDK. The setup file first letters are jdk-7. The version jdk-8xx will crash during installation.
  2. Install it into your wine environment.
  3. Download Java-Editor.
  4. Install it to your wine environment by running the setup file (JavaEditorxx.xxSetup.exe where xx.xx is the version you'd downloaded). Java-Editor will recognize an installed JDK by itself. If you like you may download and install additional tools from Java-Editors webpage.

But I wonder why you'd need to use Java Editor when we can have better cross-platform IDEs like Netbeans, IDEA, jCreator or a text editor like vim.

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