I have Gitlab V2.5 running on Ubuntu 12.04. Git commands (clone, push, pull, etc.) have been successfully running until now.

Suddenly clone, push, and pull give errors that the server is not found.

I found info saying I should try to run sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:check RAILS_ENV=production, but to do so I must be in the gitlab directory.

I believe my gitlab directory is /usr/bin since it contains:


However,when /usr/bin is the current directory and I execute the above command, ubuntu replies that user 'git' is unknown.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Gitlab is a totally separate entity from GitHub. Can you post the link where you got the instructions to run that command? Unless you've been working with GitLab since the beginning you're going have issues. Also, /usr/bin is most definitely not your gitlab directory. /usr/bin is the place where executables go. When they say your gitlab directory they most likely mean the directory where you were attempting to run git clone/push/pull from. – RPiAwesomeness Sep 11 '15 at 19:37
  • How did you install gitlab? There are two general possibilities: through package manager (*.deb) or using source code (git cloning, and manual installation) – c0rp Sep 11 '15 at 20:10
  • I realized that you are talking about gitlab 2.5, so the only possible installation type for this version was git clone and etc.. Could you please add output of command id git and for id gitlab – c0rp Sep 11 '15 at 20:18
  • Or even for cat /etc/passwd if it is not confused you – c0rp Sep 11 '15 at 20:27
  • RPi Awesomeness - I got this from stackoverflow: The instruction to run rake are from github.com/gitlabhq/gitlab-public-wiki/wiki/… – slowmo Sep 11 '15 at 20:40

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