Background, my ubuntu will only boot up to command line. I tried everything to make it go graphical but it just would not work. I gave up after trying to do things I found on forums for two days and it getting worse.
I made another partition and did a clean install, now everything is working fine in the new Kubuntu. My question is, I can still go into the old partition and copy files and place them on the new partition. How do I get my thunderbird files for both emails and calendar?
I do have an external hard drive that I have deja vu back ups on, but am not sure how that will work out since it was ubuntu and this is kubuntu??? If I can just let thunderbird open files from the other partition, that would be better. Thanks in advance.


It's simply another linux partition (on same phys drive), just mount the partition 'read-only'. It can also be 'chroot'-ed though, I don't see you needing this.

For restoring individual software settings/etc you need to search for those individually. Most of what you need will simply be in your /home/(yourname) directory.
BACKUP your NEW /home/* area before starting any file copy/replace.
(Or anywhere else you restore to.)


sudo tar -cvpzf new_home_backup_defaults.tar.gz /home

Thunderbird - data restore

Thunderbird linux default data location.
It says folder name can be different depending on version.
So try this:

  • Close Thunderbird and open a shell cli ('Konsole' if in KDE)
  • In filemanager locate OLD mounted /home/(username) folder. Unhide hidden files.
  • Look for .mozilla-thunderbird OR .thunderbird
  • COPY entire hidden folder to new /home/(username)/ in Konsole based on above.
     Example: cp -r /mnt/oldpartition/home/(username)/.mozilla-thunderbird ~
  • Start Thunderbird.

Other application settings:

If you see other apps not setup, slowly/carefully start restoring settings (hidden ".{appname}" files or folders normally) from your OLD /home/(yourname) folder to the new one. This is probably the best place to start. (For instance '~/.mozilla' are user Firefox settings). DO NOT BLINDLY COPY ALL FILES - be especially careful with your X/startx/display manager settings.

Kubunut Vs Ubuntu

There is no difference between ubunutu and kubuntu in regards to where your /home/* folders are. EDIT: You added to your question - technically, yes, you could configure individual software from old partition data but why? Just copy the "hidden dotfiles" to your new partition /home. Kubuntu is just a KDE desktop instead of Gnome. Same overall distribution, different Display Manager (KDM) and desktop environment (KDE) by default.

Your old partition backup

Personally, I would just backup the OLD partition assuming there is no damage or missing files - then just restore from that as needed (again, mounting backup as read-only). Also, before restoring any /home/ files, backup your new /home/(yourname) area. (Or anywhere else you touch via restore)

After backup is verified and depending on partition, you can also EITHER resize your new Kubuntu partition to use that partition as well (wipes it out), OR use the old partition as a new mount point - you can safely clear all data from it as you have a tested backup to restore things from.

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