I have a shell script called foo.sh in /usr/local/sbin. Besides I use another script with the same name. It is stored in /home/user/scripts.

Both paths belong to PATH. How can I find out, which one of those scripts are executed when typing foo.sh on the command line? Can I influence it?


A few days ago I was satisfied with my answer. I also knew that the which command is not used to test whether a command exists. Now I'm not so satisfied with my answer, and I refer to this great response.

With a simple which command:

which foo.sh

Or a type command:

type foo.sh

And you can influence this with the order of the paths in your $PATH or via an absolute path when the script starts, E.G.



If PATH is defined as below


And you start a script or something else which is in /usr/local/bin and in /usr/bin, the script in /usr/local/bin as a higher priority.

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    Speaking of bash and zsh there's also the type built-in; instead in zsh which, differently from bash, is a built-in (and not /usr/bin/which) – kos Sep 11 '15 at 13:15
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  • @muru thanks. A little I knew about it already, but not in such detail. I've added my views to my answer. Thanks again. – A.B. Sep 19 '15 at 8:12

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