Automatically detect location in Conky

I travel to different places for work with my laptop. I would like to see the current weather for the place I am in. Is this possible?

There are conky configurations on Google for Accuweather, WUnderground, NWS, Weather.com and more, but all require you to find out some city id and hardcode it into conky.

Is there some service or trick or API to show the weather of the location I am in, without manually changing my .conkyrc every time I open my laptop?

Technically this is possible

There is no GPS in my laptop and I have location services turned off, but still Google always seems to know exactly what city I am in. It's much more accurate than a geotrace of my public IP address, because that often traces me to the biggest city in a 200km radius.


So far I've found https://freegeoip.net/json/, but most often the region is not detected and the latitude/longitude is very imprecise (one decimal).

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