We have cscope and ctags for .c and .h files.

Are there any code browsing tools for shell scripts (.sh)?


ctags! ctags supports shell scripts:

$ ctags rename-windows.sh 
$ cat tags
!_TAG_FILE_FORMAT   2   /extended format; --format=1 will not append ;" to lines/
!_TAG_FILE_SORTED   1   /0=unsorted, 1=sorted, 2=foldcase/
!_TAG_PROGRAM_AUTHOR    Darren Hiebert  /dhiebert@users.sourceforge.net/
!_TAG_PROGRAM_NAME  Exuberant Ctags //
!_TAG_PROGRAM_URL   http://ctags.sourceforge.net    /official site/
!_TAG_PROGRAM_VERSION   5.9~svn20110310 //
find_num_files  rename-windows.sh   /^find_num_files ()$/;" f
str_join    rename-windows.sh   /^str_join ()$/;"   f

I had only two functions, and both were detected. If your script doesn't have a .sh extension, you'll have to --language-force it.

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