Whenever I open Ubuntu Software Center or the "About my computer", the program seems to freeze and a small Window pops up saying
"Downloading wine-x64-unity3d-installer (7MiB)"

It takes about a minute to download, and then Software Center (or Details) unfreezes and I can resume what I wanted to do. The next time I turn on the program, exact same problem occurs. Why is this happening? Does Ubuntu Software Center run on Windows libraries and isn't native to Linux (what a ridiculous idea)

I tried purging wine and anything that has to do with wine. The only thing left on my computer is a package called "wine-staging". I am unable to remove this package as DPKG tells me that the package has dependencies.

What is causing this issue?

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    A stupid suggestion, but sudo apt-get install -f fixes a lot. – TheWanderer Sep 8 '15 at 23:23

I found that the cause of this were remaining wine "addons". The solution was to enter:

"sudo dpkg --purge pipelight-multi gnome-exe-thumbnailer"


Unfortunately, that's an annoying side effect from having pipelight enabled. You can disable that plugin or you can wait for it to fully install.

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