I made the decision to upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04 via 14.10 as I'd been having a few issues with 14.04, so I ran the command sudo do-release-upgrade. All seemed to go well, until tried to connect to wifi. I got the error Connection activation failed, so I tried a wired connection and got the same error. The question has been asked before but the answer did not work for me.

Here is what I have tried usermod -G netdev -a jack log out, log in.. reboot etc lots of times as root and as my user.

nmcli dev wifi connect [wifi-name] pasword [password] using the correct credentials obvs.

nm-applet as root

Removed the ssid as root with nm-connection-manager

I cannot find any other help for this. I cannot now upgrade further to 15.04. There is nothing in syslog in regards to network only mysqld error entries. Im at my wits end with this problem, I really dont want to have manually install 15.04 from .iso as I now only have internet on my mobile....

Please help.

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