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How do I change the theme?

I like the default Ubuntu theme in Oneric, it's nice and all, but I've got other themes, icon sets, pointers, etc that I want to install. HOW DO I DO THIS? In previous versions it was a matter of right-clicking on the desktop, choosing "Change Desktop Background" from the drop-down menu and BEHOLD: all of my theme options were right there. Now, they're not. So how do I install new themes and stuff using the Unity desktop? (Not Gnome) I thought Ubuntu was supposed to be getting more user friendly. . .

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You can install gnome-tweak-tool and customize more than just icons (fonts, window decoration etc.).

The 'bad' thing is, it will also download some gnome-shell dependencies, but there aren't a lot of them (about 25MB in my case). (The good thing is that you can test gnome-shell, which is kinda cool ;)).

  • Ok cool. Gnome-shell is really cool! – Isaac Oct 15 '11 at 22:44

you have to install the gnome-tweak-tool package. Then, in the dash, you will find "advanced settings".

Open it and go to: Theme -> Icon theme

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