Is it possible to install a Windows program from an MSI installer so that the installed program can be run with the Wine program loader?


According to the official WineHQ FAQ:

MSI files cannot be run directly, you need to use the msiexec program. msiexec is a tool for installing .msi packages. MSI files can be installed in Wine from the terminal like this:

wine msiexec /i whatever-filename.msi


wine start whatever-filename.msi

That will then run the MSI program the same as if you had double-clicked it in Windows.

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    The /i option is for installing, if you want to uninstall later, run: wine msiexec /uninstall whatever-filename.msi or the equivalent short form of the same command: wine msiexec /x whatever-filename.msi – karel May 1 '17 at 21:48

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