I have a folder that contains files with the same file name but different extensions (.jpg and .eps). Each .eps has a matching .jpg with the same name and I want to zip them together in pairs. (The zip file should have the same name.)

The naming convention is like this: 1.eps 1.jpg 2.eps 2.jpg ...etc.

I want to create something like this: 1.zip (containing 1.eps and 1.jpg) 2.zip (containing 2.eps and 2.jpg

I am using MAC OS X. I want to automate the process cause I have thousands of files.

I am currently doing it manually by selecting two files at a time compress them and then rename. So I need something to find the files with the same name automatically within a folder, zip them together in a single zip file, and use the same name for the zip.

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Assuming Bash, this may work for you:

for i in *.eps; do  zip "${i%.*}.zip" "${i%.*}".*; done
  • Thank you this worked fine! You saved me from a lot of pain! – JIM Sep 6 '15 at 23:03

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