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I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in my HP Compaq 6910P notebook. Now I want to use Mac based software, since I can use Windows based software through Wine.

But I do not know how to install and run Mac based application in my Ubuntu 14.04.

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Wine can run windows applications, but there is no robust equivalent allowing Mac applications to run on Linux. Some projects that try to change this are:

  1. Mac-on-Linux

  2. Darling

  3. http://opensource.apple.com/ - not an 'emulator' but provides the iOS/OSX kernels, licensed under free software licenses


There aren't really any ways to run Mac-specific apps on Linux. You can run a large number of cross-platform apps; Gimp and MacVim come to mind. But if you must run mac apps, the most reliable answer is to buy a Mac. You'll always have the latest versions and you can also run any other OS using Fusion, Virtual Box or Parallels.

The second best option is to run Hackintosh (aka, OSx86). I tried this years ago and had mixed results. You had to be willing to spend a bit of time tuning/tweaking and making sure your kext files worked. I know people who've done it, but I lacked the patience.

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