When I press Alt+Tab the task switcher appears. Unfortunately, the behaviour in 11.10 has changed.

Previously, in 11.04, I would see all applications, I could see if an application was minimised (it would only show the icon) and I would see a preview of the window.

Now, in 11.10, I only see a list of icons, I can see if more than one is actually started (by checking the small arrows on the side --as on the dash). I do not see a preview. For the preview I either have to wait. Long. Afaik this time is not configurable. Or I press Alt+` then the preview appears immediately, but unfortunately there is no way to then return to my list (and continue cycling through the list). Pressing Alt+Tab again has no effect.

Is there an alternative task-switcher? Is there a way to get back to the task switcher from 11.04?


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Pressing Tab or the up arrow key will close the preview.


I like the previews as well. First, I made sure CompizConfig was installed. I brought it up and disabled static application switcher, then enabled application switcher (there were some keybinding conflicts with Unity's switching behavior, but I just chose to favor the application switcher keys). This worked for me.

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