I am trying to install Ubuntu and I can get it to boot off the live usb and install if I set the grub option nomodeset. Once it is installed I am trying to install the Nvidia drivers so I don't have to have nomodeset in the grub boot options and so that I can take advantage of the card. However, when I install the drivers nomodeset is still required and I can no longer login using the GUI. I can get to tty and login normally. I have tried the drivers in the Additional Drivers option and the latest .run file from Nvidia all with the same result. Any thoughts? Anyone running Ubuntu on a this laptop or this card?


It seems that you install wrong drivers.

Run in terminal

sudo apt-get install nvidia-346 nvidia-prime

That will install the correct driver. But an attempt to install a driver from .run file could spoil everything. It is better to run that file again with --uninstall option.

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