I am using the edkolev/promptline.vim theme(just installed it) for customizing the bash prompt. The biggest problem is that whenever I type long comments it replaces the prompt instead of continuing to the newline. Earlier when I used to have my prompt set via PS1 I could easily solve out the problem. But here I don't know which files to look and what to do .I am attaching the screenshot.

enter image description here

As you can see in the second line When I type sudo vim slices.vim it overwrites it. So, How can I solve it?

UPDATE 1.0 -> I could not found a solution to this problem , I assume there is a bug in the plugin. Instead of this I installed powerline . It solved all my problems. Installing it through vundle eased my way.

UPDATE 2.0 (not a bug actually)-> The demon arrives again.The problem has started again even with the powerline.This time I noticed that this problem is connected with the *arrow-shaped triangular prompt * only. So , this is not a bug, basically a glitch somewhere I am missing.

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    Is this your problem? – kos Aug 29 '15 at 10:12
  • @kos This is also a problem ,i.e pressing the UP arrow key results in the problem in your link , also my problem which is the commands replaces itself or the prompt. I don't the think that I would have the same solution because I am not using $PROMPT_COMMAND in bashrc because I am using a theme (promptline ) which I assume has settings somewhere else like in the /autoload/promptline.vim/slices.vim but I don't know how to edit it to solve my problem – 0decimal0 Aug 29 '15 at 11:05
  • Looks like a bug with that prompt. Have you contacted the author or filed a bug report? – glenn jackman Aug 29 '15 at 11:34
  • I have stated the problem in issues but got no response up till now . – 0decimal0 Aug 29 '15 at 11:46
  • This symptom usually occurs when in bash's PS1 the control characters (escape sequences that do not advance the cursor but rather set colors etc.) are not enclosed between \[ and \]. These delimiters around escape sequences are required so that bash can keep track of the columns. – egmont Aug 29 '15 at 12:55

I solved the problem .I think the shell was not using ~/.local/lib/python2.7/...../bindings/bash/powerline.sh so I resourced it and restarted the system.

I also added the path variable for powerline-config file in the ~/.local/bin/poweline directory in .bashrc and now, everything is working just fine.

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