I installed TrueCrypt 7.1 Standard 64-bit on a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit. After finding the application in the dash I dragged it's icon onto the Unity launcher. I then clicked that icon and TrueCrypt's main window opened. I mounted my encrypted file/volume and then closed the window to do some work. To re-open the TrueCrypt window I would normally click the small blue TrueCrypt icon that appears on the top panel. In Ubuntu 11.10 that icon is no longer there. I receive a message ("TrueCrypt is already running.") if I click on the TrueCrypt icon in the launcher.

How can I re-open the TrueCrypt window after it's been closed in Ubuntu 11.10?

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For me, this didn't help. I had to also remove the Truecrypt lock file as per these instructions.

In terminal enter:

rm ~/.TrueCrypt-lock-USERNAME

Where you replace USERNAME with your username.


On all operating systems, just starting TrueCrypt again helps. It will notice it is already running as a daemon/service in the background and reopen the window interface.

And here's help if you're hit by unity: By default Truecrypt's little notification icon is not shown in the upper right panel because unity implements a whitelist. Only applications on this whitelist may publish their icon in the upper right panel. Follow the quoted link to a question which shows how to allow all applications to publish their icon.

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    The first part seems not necessarily to be true. On my machine TrueCrypt reckognizes and warns me that it is already running, but does not reopen the window interface.
    – user7054
    May 23, 2012 at 3:49

A stale lockfile might cause this. I had similar issue sometimes with 11.04 the rest of the configuration was the same.


If a messagebox TrueCrypt is already running appears when starting TrueCrypt, check for a hidden file in the home directory of the concerned user called .TrueCrypt-lock-username. Substitute username with the individual username. Delete the file and start TrueCrypt again.

I have found the solution here:



As described in the following link, you may "whitelist" truecrypt, allowing its "running" icon to be displayed with unity on the top bar.

How do I whitelist Truecrypt to show in the indicator area?

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