I need to list files and dirs with names starting with jre (small and capital letters are allowed).

When I execute:

ls | grep jre

...it greps just low capital letters and gives output with jre not only in start position. Actually I have feeling that grep is not a good choice at all in this case.

How to solve my problem?


you can use find. In your case you can run

find -maxdepth 1 -iname 'jre*'


find searches for files/directories with the given parameters: -maxdepth 1 restricts the search to the current directory. Otherwise, it would search in all subdirectories too. -iname takes the pattern and searches case insensitive. The pattern itself 'jre*' means the string should begin with "jre" and the continue with a arbitrary number of cahracters.

Alternatively, if you want to use grep:

ls | grep -i '^jre'

-i toggles case-insensitive search and the ^ results in finding only matches with "jre" at the beginning

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Find should do the trick:

find . -iname 'jre*'
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