I'm running Ubuntu 15.04 on a laptop with an Intel HD Graphics 5000 and a nVidia GeForce 520M, joined by an Optimus. I'm trying to upgrade my graphics drivers to the latest provided by the vendor so I can use the new experimental build of Unity 3D.

However, when I try switch to any driver besides the default open source one, glxinfo gives me this error:

X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
Major opcode of failed request:  154 (GLX)
Minor opcode of failed request:  24 (X_GLXCreateNewContext)
Value in failed request:  0x0
Serial number of failed request:  33
Current serial number in output stream:  34

...and then when I reboot, my graphics don't work, so I have to revert to the old drivers via the command line. The thing is, I've been able to use Optimus on this laptop before (via optirun).

Any thoughts?


ubuntu is getting good at bundling vendor graphics drivers so having to download and install manually is not necessarily the go to solution. Try this :

System Settings -> Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers

give it time to do its probes/lookups and it will respond with list of pre-loaded drivers from which you can pick an Nvidia if you wish. This does work.


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