I'm trying to set up individual system sounds for ubuntu 15.04. I've read some instructions but they're a bit pithy for me.

Is there an app to add?

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Sound themes are located in /usr/share/sounds/ , there should be 2 real themes "ubuntu" and "freedesktop".

Now copy one of those 2 directories to ~/.local/share/sounds/, change its name and change the name in the index.theme file. If you are not that linux-savy to copy directories from root ownership to your home folder and change ownership to urself, you could alternatively download the freedesktop theme here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~dylanmccall/soundgallery/ and put it to ~/.local/share/sounds/

Now you are good to go, exchange soundfiles with whatever you like. Make sure to keep the names of files and the .ogg format.

To change the soundtheme, install dconf-editor, open dconf-editor and change value org.gnome.desktop.sound.theme-name to the name of your new theme. Done.

You might need to logout and back in to activate the change in sound theme.

Have Fun.

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