I installed Tex Live in my system. The program suggested that I have a low space and So I removed some files to make space for it. After that I had to force shutdown for nothing was working. Then when I restarted again I am unable to log in into my main account. I can although log in into the guest account.

What should I do now??

Thanks for the help!!

  • Can you login to tty1 (press ctrl+alt+f1 to go to tty1)? – wb9688 Aug 26 '15 at 12:50
  • @wb9688 Ye s I can. What should I do after getting into tty1?? – tattwamasi amrutam Aug 26 '15 at 12:51
  • What version of Ubuntu are you using? (Lubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Kubuntu 14.10, etc.) Are you connected to internet? – wb9688 Aug 26 '15 at 13:06
  • 14.04.. yes connected to the internet – tattwamasi amrutam Aug 26 '15 at 13:07
  • 1
    Yeah, it's asking for your user's password. After sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop, can you change the root password with sudo passwd root and try to log in as root in the desktop manager? – wb9688 Aug 26 '15 at 13:21

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