I managed to configure most of the things I wanted when using a Mac keyboard with Ubuntu. But there is one last thing : the left alt key.

Specifically, to to tilde (~), I have to press Right Alt + n. But I would prefer to do it with Left Alt...

I tried to edit the Xmodmap file.

keycode 64 = Alt_L Meta_L Alt_L Meta_L

But it doesn't work...

Also, I read that it is possible using the Keyboard Layout option. (What are the meta, super, and hyper keys?) But where is it ?!!! When I open System settings -> Keyboard, I never find the Options. I have Text entry and Shortcuts but that's it :/

Thanks for your help !


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    It is important to notice that I have a FRENCH mac keyboard ;) – user236152 Aug 26 '15 at 8:41

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