I'm able to connect to the Windows share via both the GUI and command line - the share itself does not require credentials, but the folder I am trying to access is limited by username/pw. When I try to open this folder, Ubuntu returns that I don't have permission to access this folder (which is true) but does not prompt me for credentials.

Running 14.04 LTS.


Windows and Ubuntu have completely different security architectures (Ubuntu being the more secure one) so it just refuses to open the folder (=directory).

The correct way of doing this under Ubuntu is to give permissions on that directory to a group and have you as a member of that group and then you will be able to open this.

As this is a Windows share, you need to read up on the NTFS permissions here and synchronise both Ubuntu and Windows users using the advanced options of the ntfs-3g driver.

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  • Thank you for the feedback - this share is controlled by my enterprise admin and linux systems are relatively new, so I'm thinking this is a little over my head for the time being. to ask a follow up - would it be possible to connect to the share via a Windows machine that already has access? Ie, connect to the windows machine and access the share through its file system? – MotS Aug 26 '15 at 13:43
  • That's totally off-topic here: a Windows answer! ;-) But creating a share separate for that directory on another Windows machine with the right credentials where you then connect to from Ubuntu might work, but will be 2* slower. However, I deleted my Windows about two years ago now and can't test this for you any more... If the above crazy idea doesn't work, go to superuser.com where you will find people still using Windows! (Sorry, that's the best I can do for you right now) – Fabby Aug 26 '15 at 21:09

Connecting to the server in the format smb://user@sharename prompted me for a domain and password, and I was able to gain access to the share. Hurray!

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