I recently purchased a brand spanking new Corsair K30 keyboard, and excitedly I decide to plug it into my Xubuntu home PC, and it works like a charm. Well, other than two main things which really disappointed me.

  • The G-keys and their profiles cannot be configured to do anything, so they are just sitting there being useless.
  • (Not so important) The scroll lock key does nothing.

I was wondering if there is anything I could do to allow me to remap the G-keys to do stuff such as opening the Terminal or a web browser.

Until now, I tried the following things:

  • Running the Corsair K30 keyboard software through Wine. It launched and everything seems to work, but it does not detect the keyboard as a K30 and as such does not register any of the "not normal" keys I press, such as the brightness, macro profile, and macro record buttons. (The brightness works and changes the keyboard's LED brightness, but the program does not detect it.)

  • Using xbindkeys and figuring out the key codes of each G-key and other keys. The G-keys are all the same, but the other keys like the macro profile and the macro record have different ones.

  • Just going in through a normal program such as Keyboard > Application Shortcuts and trying to bind the G-keys over there.

None of that worked obviously, so is there any other way I could get my keyboard's G-keys to work?

Ubuntu version: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet)

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This may be on the bleeding edge, but there is a Linux kernel driver for Corsair Kxx that is currently under active development. The base is Corsair K90, but there are reports for the Corsair K40. It might work for the Corsair K30.

A feature worth mentioning is:

Remapping G keys so they send proper key codes.

An alternative is the K65/K70/K95 RGB Unofficial Driver for Linux and OS X, but it seems to be for the RGB editions only. It is on GitHub, though.

Note: I don't know about the Corsair K30, but for the Corsair K95 RGB the G-keys do not work because they are not executed in the keyboard itself, but by software in the operating system (only intended to be Windows).

  • I'm checking this out, but I've hit a snag, I can't seem to find the hid-id for my Corsair Raptor K30 keyboard, and extensive Googling hasn't returned anything useful, is there any way I can find my hid-id?
    – Cold999
    Oct 8, 2015 at 11:41

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