I have two separate computers with the same MEDIA folder which is quite large. These folders have the same structure but in one computer there are more files.

What I would like to do is something like this:

1) Scan folder on computer A, create list of files I already have.

2) Copy list to a computer B and run "copy files that are not in the list" to my external drive.

Is it possible to do this with rsync?

Thank you so much, this would be really a powerful hack.

  • Are those two computers connected to the same network? If not, is it possible to connect them? Or the only option to "sync" them is via an external drive? – Eric Carvalho Aug 24 '15 at 13:48
  • No, they are not connected. That's why I would like to make a list of files I already have and to copy the rest of them. – Sebastian Aug 26 '15 at 12:59

Sync a directory from one computer to another using an external drive, without copying the whole directory:

  • In the destination (computer A, in your case):

    Generate the list of files you already have and save it to the external drive:

    find -type f | cut -c2- > /PATH/TO/EXTERNAL/DRIVE/my_files

    You have to cd to the folder you want to sync, so find will generate a list of files using relative paths.

  • In the origin (computer B, in your case):

    Copy only the files you don't have to the external drive:

    rsync -a --exclude-from=/PATH/TO/my_files /PATH/TO/MEDIA /PATH/TO/EXTERNAL/DRIVE

    Make sure you don't include a trailing slash (/) in /PATH/TO/MEDIA.

  • Back to destination (computer A, in your case):

    Copy the files from the external drive to your directory:


    Now, make sure you do include a trailing slash in /PATH/TO/EXTERNAL/DRIVE/MEDIA/.

More info: Rsync manual page.

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