Yesterday I upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10. I can't use CTRL+F key combination anymore. It is remap to launch Xterm.

Does anyone know how to remove this mapping? I have never mapped to this key combination and not sure how this came about.


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The culprit is xbinkeys, a software made to create custom shortcuts. The CTRL+F lauching xterm is an example in the configuration file (~.xbindkeysrc). Since Ubuntu 11.10 doesn't realise it is an example and use it by default, overriding all other uses of CTRL+F.

In order to set things back to normal do as follow :

  1. Open your home folder, and press CTRL+H to show hidden files.
  2. Open the file .xbindkeysrc (with gedit).
  3. Add a pound (#) at the beginning of each line starting with "xterm" and the following one (most probably lines 46-47 and 50-51).
  4. Save and exit.
  5. Then either logout/login again or restart xbindkeys: killall -HUP xbindkeys
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    Thanks for the fix. What an idiotic default keybinding for the xbindkeys package to use... – Cerin Jan 11 '14 at 22:08

I have the same problem. I upgraded to 11.10 and installed xbindkeys.

Here is the way that you can fix this problem:

1) Alt-F2 -> type xbindkeys-config -> Run

2) Select two items that are related to xterms and delete them.

3) Click save and quite.

It then works normally as before.

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Okay, I figured out. I used xbindkeys-config to remove the bad mapping. I am not sure how those came about. Probably I was playing in the past but key combination has changed after the upgrade.

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