When I use heavy software sometimes my computer gets hanged. I have shut down my laptop holding the power key. Is it possible to open system monitor by keyboard shortcut like what we do in windows by ctrl+alt+delete?

I am trying to mean that, even in hanged stated if I press ctrl+alt+delete the task manager appears and from there I can stop problematic programs successfully. But the system monitor is not that powerful in ubuntu. When ubuntu gets hanged I have no other option to restart it manually. Even I cannot open terminal by ctrl+alt+T.

I need the system monitor or the terminal to be that powerful to appear on hanged situation by keyboard shortcuts.


I'm not aware of something for Linux that is as mighty as Window's Task Manager.

Try htop, this will most likely do what you are looking for - according to the headline of this post More information about htop on wikipedia.

You can simply install htop via Ubuntu's Software Center.

Once htop is installed, start the terminal CTRL+ALT+t and enter htop in the terminal.

htop is a very powerful tool for managing and monitoring processes on your Linux.

  • What is strg?
    – muru
    Aug 22 '15 at 1:27
  • Sorry, my bad, I meant CTRL not STRG. The latter is the German equivalent for the English CTRL.
    – johann_ka
    Aug 22 '15 at 1:42

If you go to System Settings->Keyboard you can set up shortcuts manually on one of the tabs (don't have my laptop in front of me to tell you exactly what the tab is called).

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