I have Dell Inspiron mini 10v with Intel Atom processor that was given to me. IT believe this has 1GB RAM. Unsure if it is HDD or SSD but how do I find out?

It does not have CD. However, I have usb 2.0 thumbdrive though. For the performance to work, I d like to be able to use text editor, browse the surf and watch videos such as Netflix and Youtube.

Does anybody have instructions or recommendations?


for a lightweight and complete distro, check out Xubuntu or Lubuntu. Xubuntu has Xfce which is very fast and it has a very low memory footprint. as is Lubuntu which comes with the "minimal" desktop that is LXDE.

take a look at this post for a full list of Ubuntu-based distros.


I run the hpMini with the Intel Atom processor. I use Lubuntu 14.04 for the 32 bit i386. It is my backup computer and seems to run fine.


Lubuntu will best for you as it is lightest among the Ubuntu derivatives. You can use Xubuntu, if you want a bit more functionality than Lubuntu. If you want something visually appealing, then use Elementary OS, it looks a bit like OS X and is lighter than Unity.

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