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How is these dash plugins used? The description says that they can let information being displayed under various headers. But when I really search it, the results wanted are not included, neither are the headers. I've enabled all the plugins. Can anyone explain how to use those plugins? Thanks very much.

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Simply type something.

But keep in mind:

  • You need online results turned on for most of these enter image description here

  • type on the home scope to get results, the Applications one will only show which ones are installed

  • Some are disabled by default, because typing certain things in result in data being sent, in these situations you need to select them in filters

enter image description here

  • The filters are reset on a new search, and seem to be selected dynamically based on what you search.

Some only seem to be activated by specifically searching using the name - example manpages: htop will search the manpages for htop, or calc: 1+1 will show specific results: enter image description here

  • some are broken... facebook, flickr, yelp, don't seem to produce results...

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