I follow Jupiter Broadcasting. In Google Calendar, I have their calendar added and I can view it with all of my other calendars. In Evolution, it only syncs the calendars that I created. How would I sync the Jupiter Broadcasting calendar in Evolution?

A link to the calendar is here.

  • Simple. Add the web calendar in evolution. Open Evolution, go to New->Calendar, choose type as on the web. Then copy/paste the calendar link in the url box. Change any other information you want to change. The calendar will appear in evolution. – Khurshid Alam Oct 4 '15 at 9:00

Use the RSS link for the calendar from the Jupiter Broadcasting website. (It should have the .ics file extension at the end)

Create a new calendar File -> New -> Calendar

Select On the Web in the Type field and enter the calendar URL to the correct field.

New Calendar Dialog

Screenshot of new Calendar in Action


Use the ICS link. New -> Calendar -> On The Web, and use this as the URL: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/jalb5frk4cunnaedbfemuqbhv4%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics

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