How do I view info files in a web browser? For man pages you can do man --html; is there anything similar for info pages?

I'm aware of makeinfo's ability to output HTML, but to do that you need the texinfo source for every package you want documentation for, which is a pain especially for preinstalled packages.


If you have a local web server you can use info2www.

dwww is a frontend for info2www (and some other packages) that lets you search and read all sorts of local docs (including info and man pages) via a local web server.


For what it's worth, KDE's Konqueror and Rekonq browsers can display info pages directly, by exposing them through the info: protocol.

Simply launch Konqueror or Rekonq, and type e.g. "info:ls" in the address bar to access the info page for ls.

man pages are supported in the same way, via the man: protocol.

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