I'm a new ubuntu user.
I installed webmin to control my website better than command lines and also to not install desktop for perfomance.
As I could understand what DNS is, how can I configure my server as a DNS server using BIND DNS server?
All the tutorials are just telling to use a domain for the dns server. How can I link a domain to the server without even having a DNS server?
And how can I set a DNS server without a domain?
I got a registered domain but I don't know where to point it without DNS server and how to set a DNS server without a linked domain to the server? o.O
I'm confused, please help.


If I understand correctly you have a Ubuntu machine being hosted for you by some company.

If so you have a web address of some sort to find that machine. Maybe its 123.456.78.90 or maybe its http://abdel.saad.hosting-company.com. What is the address of your server, either the number or the FQDN.

A DNS server is like a phonebook it links google.com to However domain names (at least good ones) aren't free. IF you want to buy abdelrahman.net you have to pay a registrar like namecheap or godaddy or .... Then you like the EXTERNAL ip address to the new purchased domain. You don't use your personal DNS to map your machines public internet facing ip to a domain, thats what someone like google DNS or opendns does.

Webmin will use a port number by default it is 10000. That means that webmin is looking for a connection to the server it is installed on at port 10000.

The kind of DNS server you referenced are more for internal networks behind NAT.

ANSWER: go to http://'your_ip>':10000

Go to namecheap.com, buy a domain. In the dns section put in the ip address of that server. That will "link" the domain to the ip.

  • I meant what that it links the domain to the IP but I explained in a bad way. I'm just confused about one thing. in the BIND configuration tutorial it shows that they use a domain to set the DNS server on and the nameservers before for example ns1.example.com ns2.example.com. How did they link that Domain to the server without a DNS server in the first place? I already got my domain I just can't link it without DNS server and can't set DNS server without domain. I'm confused. – Abdelrahman Saad Aug 19 '15 at 18:31
  • Sorry, I don't follow. Can you edit the original with a clearer question or more detail? – wlraider70 Aug 19 '15 at 19:07
  • I edited the whole question, I found it not explaining much. Is it better now? – Abdelrahman Saad Aug 19 '15 at 19:16
  • Unfortunately, you didn't answer my question yet. – Abdelrahman Saad Aug 19 '15 at 19:55
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    I suggest you move the final answer from the comment section to the actual answer text. As it is now, the answer isn't there. – zwets Aug 19 '15 at 21:42

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