Why am I seeing a bomb icon on all folders and files on my desktop?

I am new to Ubuntu. I tried to Google about it but only found articles about Fork Bomb attacks etc. After reading a lot on the internet, I am still not sure why I am getting the icon, pictured below.

enter image description here

Update: Yes RabbitVCS is installed on the machine. I determined it by executing the below command:

dpkg -l | grep "rabbit"

I have packages rabbit, rabbit-mode, rabbitvcs-cli, rabbitvcs-core, rabbitvcs-gedit and rabbitvcs-nautilus installed.


I think the icon you are seeing is this one:
bomb icon

It is a emblem included with RabbitVCS, which apparently indicates a error:

The bomb emblem means that there is some sort of error in the status checker. It is possible that error messages will show up in ~/.config/rabbitvcs/RabbitVCS.log but I'm not sure it will for your problem. I'm not sure what would cause your status checker to be getting errors but it could be that your svn or git dependencies are not correctly installed, or installed in a way that doesn't work with RabbitVCS. Are the bomb emblems showing up in git repositories or svn repositories or both?

One thing that might help is restarting the status checker. You can do this by killing the checkerservice.py process. Run "ps aux | grep rabbitvcs" and kill the process that says checkerservice.py. Once you do that, restart nautilus and see what happens.

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In my case it was a "conflict" betwen versions. I resolved it,then i saw that the bomb icon stayed there,despite there was no more conflicts, so i used "nautilus -q" to close all nautilus processes, (i'm using nautilus as files administrator). This should work, rabbitVCS is installed as a plugin on your files administrator, you have to reload it completly to fix it.

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  • Thanks! For me there were no conflicts. I only had to close all nautilus windows, run "nautilus -q" and then open one again. – Flipbed Sep 22 '17 at 13:50

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