Firstly, I'm running Ubuntu 15.04 (Velvet) on my local machine.

I recently uninstalled the LAMP stack due to several config issues I was experiencing (especially when I tried working with CodeIgniter). Wasn't sure if it were from PHP or Apache. But I know I'd done several edit configs on my PHP & Apache files of which I had forgotten where & when. Unistalling it all was the only option I could think of.

Now, I was re-installing the stack following the official guide on Ubuntu Help. While installing, I came across a few issues.

Screen shots are available here.

First Issue

Selecting previously unselected package mysql-server-5.6.
Preparing to unpack .../mysql-server-5.6_5.6.25-0ubuntu0.15.04.1_amd64.deb ...
grep: /etc/mysql/: No such file or directory
invoke-rc.d: Unit mysql.service is masked

mysql.service is masked. Does it mean inaccessible?

Second Issue

Setting up mysql-server-5.6 (5.6.25-0ubuntu0.15.04.1) ...
invoke-rc.d: Unit mysql.service is masked
update-alternatives: error: alternative path /etc/mysql/mysql.cnf doesn't exist
dpkg: error processing package mysql-server-5.6 (--configure):
   subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2
Setting up libalgorithm-c3-perl (0.09-1) ...

It repeated same invoke error as the first. But this time there was an additional file path & dpkg error

Thrid Issue

Setting up libtext-template-perl (1.46-1) ...
Setting up libsoftware-license-perl (0.103010-3) ...
Setting up libterm-ui-perl (0.42-1) ...
Setting up libtext-soundex-perl (3.4-1build2) ...
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mysql-server:
 mysql-server depends on mysql-server-5.6; however:
  Package mysql-server-5.6 is not configured yet.

dpkg: error processing package mysql-server (--configure):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Setting up rename (0.20-3) ...
No apport report written because the error message indicates its a followup error from a previous failure.
update-alternatives: using /usr/bin/file-rename to provide /usr/bin/rename (rename) in auto mode
Setting up libcgi-fast-perl (1:2.04-1) ...

Same dpkg error. Seems like it couldn't access a folder, it had to create its own and named it 'rename'

Fourth Issue

Module mpm_event disabled.
Enabling module mpm_prefork.
apache2_switch_mpm Switch to prefork
apache2_invoke: Enable module php5
Setting up apache2-mpm-prefork (2.4.10-9ubuntu1.1) ...
Processing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-19) ...
Processing triggers for systemd (219-7ubuntu6) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I was hoping this fourth one is only a summary of the previous 3 errors, but I wasn't sure.

Like mentioned, I'm a novice in Linux. I don't want to mess with any file or folder so I don't screw it up like I always end up doing.

Seems like it all has to do with file access & permission.

If so, how then can I solve this thing please? It's really killing me. I have always had file permission issues trying to access folders (especially) within '/var/lib'.

If not so, what could be the possible issue, and how can I solve it?


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    Similar thread askubuntu.com/questions/614551/… check whether this could hep you with dpkg.
    – BDRSuite
    Aug 19, 2015 at 6:23
  • @vembutech I already tried that, it doesn't entirely solve the issue. "mysql-common" wasnt purged... It displayed a dpkg error. The "invoke-rc.d: Unit MySQL.service is masked" error still existed. Aug 19, 2015 at 13:27
  • @vembutech after giving it another try using tasksel, I got an error: "aptitude failed (100)" Aug 19, 2015 at 13:44

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I solved this issue.

After several trial & error, what I did was:

  1. I rolled back an earlier backup (2 months old)
  2. I re-tried installing lamp sever using:

    sudo tasksel install lamp-server

This helped me identify the missing directories.

  1. I manually created the missing folders in the mysql directory

  2. Next, I ran these commands

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure --force mysql-server 
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure --force mysql-server-5.6
  3. I manually installed every other important php5 & mysql packages

Somehow, this worked for me. I'm not sure where I did it right, & if it has no side effect... so I don't advise anyone having similar issue to follow what I just out-laid.

However, you could keep exploring till you a get a fix. Document it, so in future you know exactly how you handled it in the past.

  • About 4 years later and this still cracks me up. Well, good times. :) Jun 7, 2021 at 23:51

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