I have a /home/Completed dir. For some reasons, I can not move this directory. Now my system is quite full. So, I would like to grant some space to the /home/Completed directory from a usb key. Is it possible ?



If you can't move it due to operational reasons (in other words, you can move, but things won't work anymore), then here's what you a gotta do:

In Terminal:

cd /home
mkdir usb
sudo mount /dev/sd_
sudo mv /home/Completed/* usb/
sudo rm -r /home/Completed
sudo umount /dev/sd_
sudo mv usb Completed
sudo mount /dev/sd_ Completed

And the USB drive will hold the contents, but they will show up as that same directory. Also make sure to run

sudo mount /dev/sd_ /home/Completed

when you boot up, otherwise it won't show up.

REPLACE /dev/sd_ with /dev/sdc or /dev/sdd or whatever your USB shows up as in /dev/.

If you can't move it due to permissions, then you're out of luck. Use the USB for storing other stuff you can move.

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