I'm using Q584(Fujitsu). Its CPU is Z3770 and it uses 32bit UEFI.

At first I tried install Ubuntu on my tablet, NO boot device is detected but I found out that 32 bit efi is need.

So I used 32bit efi and I saw GRUB succeccfully. But When I select "try Ubuntu without install", I could see no progress but just black screen. no changes and I should reboot manually.


You might want to give legacy mode a shot. Usually you would able to find these settings under one-time boot menu, based on the manual document I found on Internet, you should able to enter the bios menu by pressing volume button during powering on.

After switch to legacy mode you will should boot with the same 32-bit live usb/cd you created before.

But if you still thinking to use uefi mode or not able to find legacy mode, see this answer about 32-Bit UEFI Boot Support first.

  • Unfortunately, bay trail devices don't have legacy mode. and if I had legacy problem, I even could not see grub menu :( But thank you for your answer! – Sukwon Ryoo Aug 17 '15 at 17:22

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