tl;dr: how to "undo" an erroneous click on "Do not show again" in Android studio?


When I fire up Android Studio (installed using umake on Ubuntu 14.04) I used to get a warning message telling me to change my JDK from OpenJDK to Oracle JDK. I decided today to fix this and, accidentally, the first thing I managed to do was to click "don't show this warning again" on Studio :-/

So now I think I've fixed the problem, but given that there seems to be several competing ways of telling studio to use a given JDK (setting an environment variable, changing Ubuntu's default java etc) I now want to make sure that I've solved it so I want to make studio give me the warning back! Either that, or a way of determining precisely which of my javas studio is using.


Go to file -> Project Structure -> SDK Location and make sure your JDK is pointing to the directory where the Oracle JDK is located instead of the OpenJDK.

Default paths for the OpenJDK


If you have used webupd8team's PPA to install Oracle Java, then the JDK path should be set to /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle

Set Oracle JDK, Android Studio

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