After installing 11.10, evolution stayed the default mail client on my system. I guess that is because I (a) already had thunderbird installed for a test-drive a while ago and/or (b) I had evolution configured quite extensively.

I prefer to remain with Ubuntu's choice and would like to setup thunderbird as my default client.

Can I:

  • Set Thunderbird as default client trough a script or command? Or do I need to edit some config files?
  • Migrate my mailaccounts and their settings (login, smtp etc)? Is it possible to manuall run the migration path that other upgrading users would get?
  • Migrate my calendar settings to lightning?
  • Migrate my mailfilters?
  • Migrate my addressbook?
  • possible duplicate -> askubuntu.com/questions/27410/… – hhlp Oct 16 '11 at 14:29
  • Probably not. Other question is about migrating from the default evolution to the none-default thunderbird. Things have very much changed now that thunderbird became the default mailclient. – berkes Oct 16 '11 at 17:05

Firstly there is this migration walk-through: http://nucleussystems.com/blog/migrate-evolution-to-thunderbird

In regards to changing the default mail client, that is possible via "System Info" in oneiric(11.10). There is a section called "Default Applications" in which you can set the default mail client.

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