I have just installed 11.10 on my dual monitor system, I have a problem with the panel menus (settings/power, memenu, calendar etc.).

What is happening is on one monitor, everything functions fine, but on the other, the menus do not stay open when I click on them. The will appear briefly, but then close straight away. If I click and hold they stay open, but only until I let go.

Like I said, this only happens on one monitor at a time, but the monitor on which it happens seems to change.


OK it seems there is a bug filed for this here: bug report (thanks Adrian). Still no fix out yet.


There appears to be a bug report out for this one already

Launchpad bug #869196


Should I file a bug report?

Search for one first but if you can't find one, the answer should always be YES!

  • That was what I first thought, but using ubuntu-bug, they recommended I seek technical support before filing a bug :S – Alex Oct 14 '11 at 8:57

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