Okay, so I installed Ubuntu 11.10.

The thing is, when I click the home folder icon in the launcher (Win + 1), the home folder opens and a new icon appears in the launcher.

I want the windows to be highlighted in the first icon only if you catch my drift (4th icon).

I thought if I could remove the first icon and then right-click on the other icon and keep it in the launcher, it may work - but then folders open and the icon remains blank without any indication that a window is open (looks same as first icon).

Also, the icons numbered from top to bottom exclude the dash icon.

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According to the bug, you just need to remove the following line from your custom Nautilus launcher (~/.local/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop):


I had this problem and removing that line and logging out and logging back in worked for me.

  • In Ubuntu 16.04, I found this file in /usr/share/applications.
    – Sagar Jha
    Sep 7, 2016 at 22:57
  • But, that didn't fix the problem for me.
    – Sagar Jha
    Sep 7, 2016 at 23:04

Disclaimer: I am not a Linux programmer, and this answer contains modifying files out of your home folder. It works for me, but do it on your own risk.

This problem appears when you configure your Home icon to have a quicklist for your favourite places the way it is described here.

The way to solve it, as written on the Bug 842257 page, is instead of creating a copy of /usr/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications and modifying this copy, rather modifying the original file. So the steps are:

  1. Delete the copy, if there is any: ~/.local/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop

  2. Open a terminal and write:

    gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop
  3. Add this text at the bottom of the file, save and close.

    [Videos Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Videos
    [Documents Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Documents
    [Music Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Music
    [Pictures Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Pictures
    [Downloads Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Downloads
  4. Reboot. It should work now, only one icon, with the quicklist.

If it still doesn't work, you can try Alt+F2, then run

unity --reset-icons

This will reset the icons of the original install on your launchbar, so you will have to repopulate it the way you want.

For getting the original nautilus-home.desktop file back, you can reinstall Nautilus and have the default settings and files:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall nautilus
  • For my recently upgraded 16.0 Ubuntu without anything in ~/.local/share/applications just unity --reset-icons worked well without restarting or anything else
    – llrs
    Oct 6, 2017 at 8:26

This is a confirmed bug. Bug 842257

It will be fixed at some point. There should only be one icon in the Launcher.


I had the same issue. Make sure you don't have a custom nautilus-home.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications. When I deleted that everything started working again.

I created one a while ago in 11.04, I guess something has changed in 11.10.

  • it removed my icon can u tell me how to get it back? Oct 20, 2011 at 23:03
  • @SarveshLad Just click the dash icon (the Ubuntu logo) and type in nautilus. Drag the Home Folder icon into the launcher. Alternatively, you can open the application and then right click on the icon in the launcher and select Keep in launcher.
    – Mike Walsh
    Oct 21, 2011 at 16:46
  • i tried that and it did fix it but when i configured my icon to include my fav places.. it returned back to the existing situation Oct 21, 2011 at 22:53

Just unlock the file manager from Launcher. Then, open it again from the search icon typing nautilus. Finally, lock it to launcher.

It worked for me.


The dash icon is not supposed to have a number since it would be redundant. The numbers are there so that you can activate an entry by pressing super+num. For instance, in your case, you would be able to launch and/or switch to Firefox by pressing super+2 and super+3 for the terminal. Launching the dash is done by a simple tap on super.

I have seen the bug you're referring to, but it was quite some time ago. Have you installed all upgrades? I've also seen that caused by an extension, but I don't remember which it was, but it may have been one to add quicklists. It should not be that way out of the box. Try opening a guest session and I'm sure that problem goes away. Would be nice if you confirmed that though.

  • jusy installed 11.10 yesterday and yes i upgraded it and my system is uptodate i did the numbering so it can be easy to interpret Oct 14, 2011 at 15:45

It is possible to have a custom nautilus-home.desktop file without this problem, as some other answers have mentioned. Another fix (mentioned here: Opening home folder causes another file cabinet icon to appear) is to go to gnome-tweak-tool and set Have file manager handle the desktop to off.


The problem is a contradiction in the 'Home Folder' file /usr/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop

In the original file this line exists:


while in quick list it is:


This is solved by changing (TargetEnvironment=Unity) to:


worked for me.

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