I created a docker container with also the command part -p :8080 so a random port from the host will route the requests to the port 8080 on the docker container -->>8080/tcp I had to write -p 8080:8080 so the request to the port 8080 on the host will route this requests to the 8080 port on the docker container.

How can I change this that the port 8080 of the host will connect to the port 8080 of the docker container?


All you have to do is -p and that would connect the container port to the host port which both happen to be the same number. I personally prefer having the IP address there as well, just for self-documenting the code.

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  • -p has different effect than -p 8080:8080, and other than -p 8080. First opens port at, second opens, and third opens<random 49152 to 65535 port>, (all three mapped to 8080 port of container indeed). – spacediver Mar 2 '16 at 23:09

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