Ubuntu 15.04. Radeon HD 6620G + 7670M dual graphics.

With Ubuntu's default open driver everything works well, but I experience low fps in games and short battery life. When installing proprietary drivers (from SoftwareSources->AdditionalDrivers, not from AMD's website), I get the error message:

fglrx-updates-core 2:15.200-0ubuntu4:fglrx-updates-core 
kernel module failed to build

After rebooting the system starts in low-graphics mode, but loading freezes (user login screen does not appear). After removing the proprietary driver, my system works again.

How do I get to a working system with AMD's drivers?

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Be sure to sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade your install, a fix of fglrx that fails to compile has been released a few days ago.

Maybe, you also suffer from this bug.


Most likely this problem will be solved by running

sudo apt-get install linux-generic

rebooting and running

sudo apt-get install --reinstall fglrx-updates

In some cases linux-headers are not installed when the system is upgraded to 15.04.

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