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How do I change the “Selected Items” color?

I LOVE the idea for Ubuntu 11.10, but I can't customize it the way I want it.

  • Also, how do you change the theme, icon-set and mouse-theme on Ubuntu 11.10?

Note: I won't change OSes, install Gnome Shell or go to an older version because I want the most secure updates, and for other various reasons.

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You can change GTK3 theme, icon-set and mouse-theme by gnome-tweak-tool from the Ubuntu Software Center

  • Ok, but I only want to change the color-scheme, I mean, I want the Radiance Theme, but not the "Ubuntu Orange" in every element (selected text, progress bars, buttons...). How can I change the Color-Scheme? – user27092 Oct 14 '11 at 10:46
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    Sorry if I bumped this, but I rarely use askubuntu.com, if at all any. The thing is, I'm sick of the orange colour used in the latest Ubuntu, and I wanna keep my current theme. And if this question was already asked, then can someone be a nice lad and give me a point? Oh well, I guess I'll just modify Ubuntu 11.04 (as much as I'd hate to...) Again, apologies... – Mad Mod Oct 18 '11 at 17:22

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