Background: Windows 8.1 was installed in BIOS mode on a RAID 1. I removed RAID and went to AHCI so I have 2 individual drives. Removed all partitions on drive 1. Drive 0, Windows 8.1 boots OK. Installed Ubuntu from DVD in BIOS mode and installed, made /, /home & swap partitions, installed Ubuntu.

Problem: When I boot up the PC, it boots directly into Windows 8.1. Going into BIOS/UEFI menu I can select boot order of disk 0 (windows) or cd/dvd (no disk 1 option) though in a manual boot options I can select drive 1 (ubuntu). If I select drive 1, it boots Ubuntu and I see the Ubuntu boot menu where I can select to boot Ubuntu or Windows 8.1 as part of my boot options. Selecting Ubuntu boots into Ubuntu OK, selecting Windows boots into Windows OK.

Question: How to fix/configure this system so it will offer an OS Boot Option when I do a normal boot?

  • Did you set your bios to boot in secure mode? When I ran two drives, Ubuntu and Windows, I had to press the "F12" key to get the Bios boot menu.
    – Buck
    Aug 9, 2015 at 11:49

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I ended up installing EasyBCD on Windows and adding Ubuntu to the menu (in Linux > Grub2 I selected drive 1 linux root partition). Now it boots Windows and gives a menu to select Windows or Ubuntu and it works great.

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