Just installed gksu to use gksu nautilus.

When running this command the output after entering password is

(nautilus:13581): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: 

Not sure what caused this but i need to edit the usr folder.

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: Running sudo nautilus output was

error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment.

(nautilus:15545): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

This is running in Terminal not over SSH

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    Actually, before you install new things (mind you synaptic is highly recommendable), can you try something from terminal ? .... (A) to open a Gnome terminal window, type in CTRL+ALT+T ; (B) type in sudo nautilus then enter your sudo-password - report whether nautilus opens or any error message. (C) still in terminal, type in nautilus --version and report on the version number you get for Gnome Nautilus. – Cbhihe Aug 9 '15 at 14:22
  • BTW I run Trusty 14.04.3 LTS and I have no problem opening nautilus with gksu. No matter. Since you are new here, to report, you can just edit your own question: At the end of your original question, write "EDIT: [whatever additional detail you want to add. Write precisely if you can.]". Tx – Cbhihe Aug 9 '15 at 14:24
  • @Cbhihe Version output is: "GNOME nautilus 3.10.1" – Carter Roeser Aug 11 '15 at 5:57
  • Are you running over SSH or something? – muru Aug 11 '15 at 6:00
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    @muru: Yes, the fact that XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not correctly set to /run/user/[dddd] has caught my attention too. It looks like the command is parsed on a different machine or at least in an environment different from that of the user emitting the command. Somehow I doubt that SSH 's being used though. It seems we are missing something important. – Cbhihe Aug 11 '15 at 19:49

I can easily duplicate your results by opening a terminal via CTRLAltF1 rather than CTRLAltT from within an Xwindows session. nautilus is a graphical application which must run under Xwindows. if you need a file manager to run in a terminal and aren't running Xwindows you might try using mc aka Midnight Commander.

If any part of this answer is unclear, drop me a comment and I'll add clarity as necessary.


Install Synaptic Package Manager.

sudo apt-get install synaptic

Start the program. Search for Nautilus. You will see one of them isn't work correctly. Select for reinstall. Apply it.I had that problem too.

  • A couple nautilus packages needed to be upgraded but that didnt fix the problem. – Carter Roeser Aug 11 '15 at 6:07
  • Did you reinstall it or just upgrade? I suggest you to reinstall. If you get no chance after that just reinstall all nautilus. It must be work. – al0s Aug 11 '15 at 6:34
  • I'll look into that and see if anything helps. – Carter Roeser Aug 15 '15 at 8:08

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