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xorg.conf to get current “Section ”Device" content

I have the same problem as here: Mouse pointer strange problem. The mouse cursor is corrupted after a reboot, happens quite often.

I understand that I have to disable the hardware cursor and enable the software cursor, but how to do this?

Reconfigure X?

  • One way may be to reconfigure the X server, but I don't currently have /etc/xorg.conf
  • In order to get that file, I probably have to run X -configure?
  • I cannot have X server running when doing that?

How to stop the X server?

  • I can't reboot into rescue mode. I'm running Ubuntu on a USB stick (Universal USB installer), and it says "can not find kernel image: rescue".
  • There were some instructions how to get the rescue mode working (syslinux.cfg related) but those failed to work.

Any other ideas how to stop the X server and configure the X to get me a xorg.conf file?

Xorg.d conf files?

This sounds like a good bet: Where is the X.org config file? How do I configure X there?

I'm still having trouble to figure out what to put into a file that would define the proper device.

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Here's the answer:

X :2 -configure

Let's you configure X without stopping it. Found it here: xorg.conf to get current "Section "Device" content

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